We like
mortgage lending.

Lending securing homes is a positive use of finance, it shelters families, it supports growth and safety in so many ways, it allows people to own their own future and to live out their own dreams and desires…we like that.

At LOCUS we want to support anything and everything that can empower safer decisioning, purchasing with low or no friction, dream fulfilment, through supported home purchase.

We have been in this space for a very long time, in diverse roles, in position to see the whole journey. LOCUS is the result of looking at what might make a real difference.

LOCUS lets credit join hands with lending products and the property in question, to illuminate the journey in a modern and hopefully frictionless way.

“Having worked for more than 18 months with the Property Risk team we are excited to have signed long term agreements that allows us to take advantage of the expertise and new LOCUS technologies to deliver a smoother customer lending journey.”

Peter Greig

Head of Real Estate at One Savings Bank

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The traditional approach to property risk and lending is outdated. LOCUS Solutions support the transition to a new era in property finance.

Trusted Property Attributes

Curated, reliable and fit for purpose.

Your Rules Your Engine

Set your own appetite and drive your own deal resilience.

Design Your Own Journey

API data, reports and artefacts supporting an optimized valuation journey.

Locus is client specific

It’s for you as the lender to weave a garment that incorporates your credit rules, product requirements, eligibility appetite and level of confidence or of caution at the property level.

Flood Risk
Subsidence Risk
Deal Resilience

Our solutions see credit requirements but are not credit solutions.Our solutions see product and eligibility requirements but are not product solutions.Our solutions see land, environmental, property and statutory challenges but do much more than report scores and red flagsOur solutions see likely conveyance delay but are not legal solutions.

Modernising Lending

We have looked long and hard at the need for modernisation in lending property risk and
designed LOCUS Solutions to support that journey.

Design Consultancy

Let’s look at the current process and plan the destination deliverable at a speed to suit you.

Pilot Proof of Concept

Let’s take a sample of your products, journeys and appetite and show you, our results.

Credit, product & property rule integration

You know, and we know this is the beating heart of delivery.

Data acquisition & data supplier management

Take charge of data and make it servant to your masterplan, we can help.

Rule sets & rule engines

Process cases confident that it’s your rule set driving your supply chain.

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